Terms & Conditions


  1. Minimum Reservations: A minimum of two (2) nights for a group size of 20. After 20 people, the applicable nightly charge per person will be levied.
  2.  Secure of Reservation: An invoice will be issued on the reservation being processed. A deposit will be required to secure the booking and is payable within seven (7) days of the reservation being made. If the deposit is not received, we will then cancel the booking and open the dates again.
  3.  Final Payment: FULL payment for the reservation is to be made seven (7) days or more prior to arrival or the reservation will be deemed to be cancelled. Please note that we no longer accept cash payments at Landela Camp premises for security reasons.
  4. Cancellation: In the unfortunate situation where you cancel your booking, the following policy prevails:
    • 90 Days or more – Forfeit 10% of full Reservation Value.
    • Less than 90 Days – Forfeit 100% of full Reservation Value.
    • No Show / Early Departure – Responsible for full Reservation Value.
  5. Breakage Deposit: Please note that a refundable damages deposit of R 500.00 is to be paid on arrival.

Refunds of deposits / prepayments for reservations are at the discretion of Landela Campsite Trust management and are dependant on the ability to secure another reservation.


Check in time: 16:00
Check out time: 10:00

These times are negotiable subject to other reservations.


To ensure that you and your group have a pleasurable stay we have the following information and rules for Landela Camp:

  1. No alcohol is allowed on the premises.
  2. Please park vehicles behind the house or next to the house, not on the lawn in front.
  3. Outside lights are to be switched off when retiring at night.
  4. Please do not throw large wads of toilet paper down the toilet, as the system will block up, when the plumbing blocks, all toilets are affected.
  5. Car radios – please turn volume down when seated in your vehicle, as there are other guests and residents to consider.
  6. Hot water is supplied by way of a “donkey-boiler”. Large groups are advised to divide their bath/shower times between the morning and evening.
  7. Sufficient firewood is supplied free of charge for braais only – should you wish to sit around a campfire at night, please notify us. Other wood is available.
  8. Furniture may be moved to suit your requirements inside the house, but kindly replace them in their original positions before leaving. Lounge chairs and cushions not to be used on patio.
  9. Kindly report breakages/damages before departure. Contents are checked after each group departs and any breakages/chipped crockery will be for the account of that specific group.
  10. Please close all gates behind you, they are there for a purpose. Front gate to be closed after arrival of group.
  11. Noise to be kept to a minimum from 12 pm (midnight) to 7 am as noise carries in this valley.
  12. Suitable footwear is recommended when hiking, there are snakes and scorpions in the veld (as there are in any bushveld area).
  13. Windows and doors must please be closed when there is no-one around the house as open windows are a temptation to the monkeys and baboons. Any damage caused by this omission will not be our responsibility.
  14. Please do not litter. Kindly use the bins provided.
  15. Please do not feed the dogs – scraps may be left in the fridge for them when you leave.
  16. Various games / sports equipment are available and can be requested from Stevie.
  17. An obstacle course is situated at the small dam next to the main farmhouse.

The management and staff extend a very sincere welcome to all our guests and trust that your stay here with us will be blessed.

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